Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening is the only way to understand people through real conversations. We help you reach out to a wide network of the right customers as well as provide personalized responses.

Online Reputation Management

In the digital universe, it is imperative to be cognizant of your online reputation and the effects it has on your brand perception. We assess online conversations about your brand to help augment your online reputation by amplifying the positive conversations and reducing the effect of the negatives ones.

Social CRM

With customers today being present on social media more than ever, social CRM plays a key role as part of brand building initiatives and practices. We use social media services and tools to help you engage with your consumers and resolve issues in real time across social media platforms.


Listening to conversations on social media opens up a gold mine of information for brands about their products, services, category or industry, though most of this information is unstructured. Our research team scrutinizes this unstructured information using the right tools and analytics to extract actionable insights to help you take more informed decisions.