Pricing mapped with requirements and goals

We do not believe in ready-made packages. All businesses are different; strategies and plans that work for someone, might not work for someone else.
There is no upper limit or lower limit when it comes to marketing budget. More you spend, more exposure you get. However, based on the industry segment like Local Business, SME, Big Brands and Corporations, we have certain lower and upper budget idea. Once you confirm a budget, we analyze your requirements, your target audience and distribute the fund in various digital marketing channels.

We have specialized knowledge teams, we call them WOW Teams, to work for specific client. You can visit about digital marketing solutions for Local and Small Business, SMEs, Big Brands and Digital Marketing Agencies in this section to get an idea.

We work for budget of $199 to $2500+. It depends on your requirements and scope of work. Talk to us; fill up the form available here to get in touch with our expert team.

Tracking ROI metrics

More than our clients, we want to track the real ROI as we want to stay focused on ROI to survive for long. There is no way a business can survive without creating real value for its clients. Now there are different aspects of real value:

— Work is real value (Setting up the channels, building assets in those channels etc)
— Organic growth is difficult to come by but if we can get a start there, its of real great value (like 2  keyword   ranking in Google Local, 1 keyword ranking in Google, first 1000 relevant fans in facebook etc)
— Sales is ofcourse the real value (This is where the money come in)

Now even if you look at sales, it has aspects:

—Branding for sales (People are introduced about your business, they talk about it and can recall at a right      when needed)
— Referral for sales (People are introduced about your business, they are WOWed at your services, they recommend others)
— Direct Sales

Small and Local Business

Digital Marketing Service for Small and Local Business
Small, local businesses usually target very small territory. They have limited budget, very small team, sometimes, only the owner working from home. They need to move fast and need quick results. The only focus for them is Sales.
Keeping these requirements in mind, we have setup a dedicated team that works for the Small Businesses all over the world. The team has the right mindset and skill set to implement and execute digital marketing for small and local businesses. They are also familiar with the tools required for this job.

Prominent features of our digital marketing solution for SMEs or SMBs:

— Very much sales focused
— Low Cost
— Quick result
— Only essential activities are implemented and executed
— Special focus on Local SEO
— Very organized team
— Pre-defined packages

Digital Marketing for SMEs

Digital Marketing for SMEs – Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

SMEs have a different kind of requirement; they have done some kind of marketing in either online or offline space or both. They have very specific goals, well defined goals rather. And they have short term and long term targets to achieve. Some of the SMEs or SMBs have in-house marketing and design/development team as well.
After working for many of the SMEs we have found something common in them and based on that we have prepared a dedicated team and a common strategy. The final marketing plan is decided only after reviewing their business and their targets, however.

Our digital marketing service for small and local businesses has following features:

— More time spend to understand the business and their requirements
— Customized solutions to meet the specific goals of the SMEs
— Very detailed analysis and planning
— Customized reporting for different managerial hierarchy
— Consultation related to overall marketing plan
— Strategy based on short term and long term focus
— Interaction with people from their industry for better understanding of the subject
— Dedicated team who can handle the requirements of SMEs or SMBs

Digital Marketing for Big Brands

Digital Marketing for Big Brands at National and International Space

Reputed brands are very sensitive when it comes to their brand name. Apart from promotional activities for their product or service, they also need event promotion, offer promotion and many other activities which need to be achieved within a short span of time. We analyze their requirements, come up with solutions that sync with their brand name and help them to achieve their goals. A highly creative and dedicated team work for the brands; the team is comfortable with that altitude. We spend time for brainstorming, come up with ideas and concepts that will sell, we collaborate with the company in all the steps and add value wherever we can.

Some defining features of our digital marketing solution for big brands

— Dedicated team that understands how to carry the reputation of a brand
— 100% error-free documents, collaterals, reports everything
— All marketing materials, copies, images are approved by the company before they go live
— High end creative members are part of the Digital Marketing team that works for the brands
— Innovative WOW solutions to go viral
— High end planning and custom reporting
— Time spent for consultation, discussions, concepts, ideas

Digital Marketing for Agencies

Digital Marketing Partnership with Marketing / Web / Advertising Agencies

We work as the Back Office Team of many reputed Digital Marketing Agencies in the world. It is a White Label Partnership most of the time. If you are a Digital Marketing / Web / Advertising Agency anywhere in the world, we can collaborate, work and prosper together.

Our highly creative, knowledgeable team works for your clients. Here is what you can get by working with us:

— Access to our high end processes, documents, questionnaire, training manuals, client education docs etc.
— A dedicated, skilled, cluster team works for your clients
— Earn for sure digital marketing solutions
— 100% Quality work
— We work in your time zone; dedicated contact person to communicate with you
— Quick support – from proposal to reporting
— We work you with Business Development as well by coming up with business ideas, documents etc.