Media Buying

Media buy is a great way to get conversions. Whether you want to advertise your website, products or initiatives, we do it with the right knowledge and tools.

Display Advertising

Display advertising plays a key role in digital marketing as it helps achieve higher ROI for your business through precise targeting options. With our digital expertise, we determine the best opportunities that help you attract and achieve higher conversions among your target audience. Further, our buying and negotiating skills ensure we get the best rates from all portals and networks?.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook promotions assure visibility of your message to the audience who is more likely to take the action you desire from them, which goes on to fuel engagement with your brand. We help you make your communication more effective through Facebook promotions and ensure that the desired objectives are met.

Google SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a boon for brands when they want to stand out in the information clutter of the internet. SEM improves sales lead generation and brand awareness, and generates impressive marketing ROI. We create SEM campaigns to increase your website’s visibility on Google and other search engines, and also track SEM results to assess campaign effectiveness.

Twitter Promotion

On Twitter, it’s important to engage with influencers to further the reach of your brand. Promoted tweets are the best means to achieve a higher influencer engagement. We help you with Twitter promotions that reaches the right influencers who view and engage with your message and increase brand advocacy.

Video/Web Advertising

Video ads are known to create better engagement and brand recognition and are increasingly becoming an integral part of digital marketing campaigns. An efficient placement of these videos on the web is critical to the success of the campaigns. Our expertise on the digital medium identifies the right platforms on the web to place your video ads to ensure optimum reach and deliver higher returns on your media investments.