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Different Digital Marketing Services Under One Roof

Digital marketing has come a long way. When Earn for sure started its journey back in 2016, the industry was SEO-focused. Businesses, seeking digital marketing, mainly looked for search engine optimization. Then social media came into action and took the center stage along with SEO. However, this was not the ultimate shift in digital marketing. With different channels coming in to the picture, digital marketers realized that only SEO with social media would not help businesses. They would need the right marketing mix. Thus digital marketing mix has coined.

Building & Improving Profit

Building & Improving Profit Blocks

We have always looked at Marketing as a channel to generate more profit/business. You don’t have to invest on any channels unless you are ready for it. Even earn for sure has not invested in SEO or Social Media so far, we are now investing on SEO but by now we have already grown good and already ranking for some of the keywords without any investment. We have built all profit blocks and maintain it with very minimum investment (We have over 10,000 fans for Earn for sure main site and over 1700 fans for Earn for sure Career, we have over 300 domains linking to Earn for sure and have over 100 pages of content, we have setup PPC and have converted well, running very local keywords).

Now there are 3 aspects of it profit blocks. 

— Build it (Essential, low cost)
— Maintain it (Essential, low cost)
— Improve it (Optional but recommended, high risk, high return)

Mix Selection Process

Digital Marketing Mix Selection 

90% of the success/failure lies in right/wrong Digital Mix Selection. This is the key to success, get it right. Work with the agency to select the right, don’t impose channels, discuss, analyze and decide. It is the key to success. Right mix depends on various factors, this needs serious analysis, this needs great deal of experience and understanding of different channels.

What Exactly We Do?

— We understand your business goals & current challenges
— We analyze the markets (search & TG on web), competitors
— Strategy hub (the core of Earn for sure): We put the digital mix (90% of problem and solution is here,      selecting the right mix, right channels)
— We then put right messaging framework, goals/targets, budget for each channel
— We put in a team to execute and follow up
— We review the progress at Strategy hub every week – The most toughest meetings we have.

Digital Marketing Consulting

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency :

Are you a small business looking for leads through digital marketing efforts? Or an enterprise brand looking to boost customer relationships via multiple digital channels? Or a start-up looking to gain exposure? We can help you. Get a Free No-Obligation Analysis for your digital marketing needs today!

Our team – a mix of thinkers, dreamers, knowledge hunters, makers, problem solvers & doers We are one of the best, and we can say that boldly. Our CEO Aji Issac Mathew conducts training workshops on digital marketing for large organizations (Hewlett-Packard), institutes (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) and also SMBs. He speaks regularly at digital marketing events and has been covered by newspapers of the likes of The Economic Times. That’s the DNA we inherit. Check our public testimonials and recommendations –

What to expect from Earn For Sure Digital Marketing Mix Proposal?

— A detailed competition analysis
— Summary of opportunities
— Your present digital status
— SEO audit
— Social media audit
— Recommended channels
— Actionable marketing plan
— Win-win costing

Industry wise solution

Industry wise digital marketing solution – Small Businesses

We’re committed to keeping Earn For Sure Affordable, this is one more step towards better ROI. There is 10% to 40% activities which are industry specific, so we are adding industry specific solutions here. We are creating these special sections so that it can even help the small businesses to use digital media to make them sucessful. It’s 2014, and 55% of small businesses still don’t have a website, according to research conducted by Google. So you must have an website to become successful in digital media. We would suggest you should have a mobile optimized and scalable website to become successful in the long run.

Now what is the meaning of Digital Success to the local small businesses?

Businesses live or die today based on how they adapt to digital media. Many small businesses have embraced the digital economy, recognizing that an online presence can provide significant opportunities for growth. As a business owner, how do you measure the digital success? Some of the points mentioned below as to how you can realize that your clients will find you.
— Number of traffic coming to your website
— Number of queries you are getting
— Difference between the no of phone calls you get before and after digital marketing investment
— See if the local customers are talking about your business
— See if your business email (mentioned in website) is getting promotional emails or other emails

Web Marketing

  1. Direct Traffic – Spreading WOM (Word of Mouth through various media)
    2. Referral Traffic – Improving online presence
    3. Organic Search Engine Traffic
    — Onpage optimization
    — Keyword research and implementation
    — Link building
    — Ranking improvement
    — Long tail
    — And a lot more
    4. Paid Traffic
    —Paid Search Engine traffic
    —Affiliate marketing (CPA mainly)
    —Other ads (Facebook ads, Relevant sites) etc