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5 reasons why to take care of your poop health

Bowel movements can either signal that you’re doing great, or suggest health challenges before other symptoms arise. So, it is important we check out the messages, our poop is providing us Gut Health – normal poop are soft and formed (not hard or lumpy). They are passed without urgency or straining. Water makes up more […]

Retiring early isn’t worth the grind

The concept of FIRE, financial independence and retiring early, seems to be in vogue nowadays. People have taken up the concept of leaving their jobs to work on their passion in the hope of working on stuff they genuinely love and generating income at the same time. Earlier, retirement meant something that older people do […]

Active investor types

Active investing refers to an investment style involving ongoing buying and selling activity and continuously monitoring their activity to exploit profitable conditions. Active investors typically look at the price movements of their stocks many times a day. Essentially, active investors are seeking short-term profits. However, that may not be possible for all investors, who may […]

3 investor types

As they say,  the way a person does one thing is the way they do Everything. So if you cut corners while working; however insignificant they may be, it’s probably leading to a mediocre life and you are nowhere near what you envision yourself to be.   Beginning with streamlining your finances could be a good start […]